Disney Springs has collaborated with Sprinkles Bakery to bring cupcakes ATM to the happiest place on earth! Yes, you read that right, instead of dispensing money, this ATM dispenses cupcakes to satisfy your sweet cravings anytime. How awesome is that? Downtown Disney has many fun-filled activities for you and your family to enjoy. After a day of entertainment, shopping and dining, treat yourself to a freshly-baked cupcake from the convenience of the Cupcake ATM. This might possibly be one of the best new additions to Downtown Disney as it transforms to Disney Springs.

How Does the Cupcake ATM Work?

The Cupcake ATM is the world’s first Cupcake vending machine. It was first introduced in 2012 by a Beverly Hills-based bakery called Sprinkles Bakery. The machine features a touch screen where you’ll see the available flavor options of the day. Get your Sprinkles fix with their classic flavors such as cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, oatmeal cornflake flavor, maple bacon, banana peanut butter, chocolate marshmallow, and many more. Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and even doggie cupcake options are also available. The flavor options depend on whatever Sprinkles Bakery is baking fresh for the day.

After selecting your flavor choice, simply swipe your credit card or debit card (no cash!), pay the amount of $4.25 each and get your freshly-baked cupcake. The machine’s screen will even show you how the robotic arm inside the machine selects your choice, how high-tech is that? The Cupcake ATM will also be restocked throughout the day and before the bakery closes so you know that you’re getting freshly-baked cupcakes. Each machine will hold 400 cupcakes that are pre-packaged in single boxes to make sure that the cupcake’s frosting will stay intact.

The Cupcake ATM offers convenience for customers of Sprinkles Bakery. Not only does it offer relief from your late-night sweet cravings, but it’s also a faster option when the bakery lines are long. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get a cupcake from an ATM? The Cupcake ATM will offer 24-hour availability and will be located at the Town Center segment of Disney Springs.

Disney Springs already offers great new additions to their shopping and dining district. But the cupcake ATM is surely a great add-on to look out for. Don’t miss your chance to experience this new sweet treat as Sprinkles Bakery invades Disney Springs this May.

Downtown Disney Next?

Everybody is asking – what about Downtown Disney? Well, all we can do is wait for Sprinkles Bakery. Who knowns, in a year or two, Downtown Disney will have its cupcakes ATM too. Stay tuned!


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