The Downtown Disney area has been very popular from a wide variety of guests, visitors, and park visitors of the Disneyland Resort area. Guests have found the wide variety of shopping, restaurants, music, entertainment, movie, and other options throughout the Downtown Disney area fun and exciting and have written great reviews on various websites and we thought we’d highlight a few of them from and others. They are taken from the site, but feature a great selection of reasons on why to visit Downtown Disney and what to see when you stay in the Downtown Disney area and in the Disneyland Resort area.

First comes a raving review of the Earl of Sandwich Restaurant, called, “I would come her only for the Earl of Sandwich”. Following the Earl of Sandwich praises, another reviewer states, “the reasons to visit Downtown Disney include their restaurants, the shows at the House of Blues, or the Earl of Sandwich”.

One of the more creative reasons to visit the Downtown Disney was left by a reviewer who states, “there are waterfalls down by the hotels which are very pretty, and there are some koi fish there”. In addition, the same reviewer stated that the Lost Bar in that same direction has a shack like place, and the bartenders are very nice.

One of the better comments left about Downtown Disney includes, “It’s a fun place to take the kids to walk around and to window shop. It features a snack place with eateries”.

A family reviewer of the Downtown Disney area left a festive comment. “You can play at the Lego Store with your kids, then watch a movie, and eat at the many restaurants here. Then get on the monorail for a fun ride, head back to the ESPN Zone and end the day watching sports. Plus the four hour free parking is great”.

One of the top reviewers on Yelp listed the Downtown Disney area as one great place to hand with friends or go for a romantic night out. The atmosphere is crowded and tons of live music is to be had here. The food might be pricey, but it’s some of the best in the Downtown Disney area. From the Jamba Juice to the Lego Store, it presents a great variety of options for shoppers and visitors.

Finally, one of the top comments left was in regards to the Disney Fireworks show put on nightly. By going through the bag check between the Disney and California Adventure, you can catch the CLEAR view of the fireworks show from the Downtown Disney area. This will keep families and fans of fireworks very happy and give them reason to stay late at Downtown Disney.

Human reviews of Downtown Disney show that it’s a fun and exciting and fun place to visit, and by reading the reviews of Yelp, you can see that the Downtown Disney area is a place to enjoy anytime with your friends or family.