Downtown Disney is an awesome place for your recreational activities. No admission fee is required for you to enter this area. All that is needed is your much needed excitement and fun.

What’s in Store for you at Downtown Disney?

Here are some things that you can expect from this awesome and exciting place of dreams and fantasies:

  • Entertainment areas and other attractions – this area houses events places, movie theaters, and other rides that would make your Disney experience a blast. You can choose from a variety of events that are scheduled on the time of your visit. The theaters also show your favorite Disney movies and other screenings. There are also sessions of great musicians. You can also buy their CDs here.
  • Retail Store – there are several stores where you can do your shopping or buy your souvenirs and gifts for your loved-ones. Choose from a variety of retail store for various merchandise you want.
  • Dining Stores – you will never be hungry in Downtown Disney! Go for the famous Earl of Sandwich for your sandwich cravings or the ESPN Zone to dine with other sports enthusiasts. They also have other restaurants that you can choose from if you are on a tight budget.

Tips to Make the Most of your Time at Disneyland

In order to have an awesome and fun experience without getting super tired and exhausted, be prepared and plan your trip ahead.

  • Make use of FastPasses. Use the FastPasses in order to avoid wasting time in lines to attractions and entertainment areas. Avoid getting tired and irritated while waiting in long lines in order to ride an attraction or enter an entertainment place. You can just schedule your rides and attractions and be on the scheduled time by using the FastPasses without having to wait in line.
  • Plan your day ahead. Of course planning is everything. Know the places and attractions you’ll go to so that when you go there you won’t waste time in figuring out and deciding which rides you want to go to. You can also plan them to know which place to go first and you’ll be able to do everything.
  • Make time to do your shopping. You don’t want carrying those big shopping bags everywhere while going to the rides. Set aside some time for doing your shopping needs so you will not be hassled with carrying so many things while going everywhere and doing everything. Also, you will be able to plan what to buy and there is a lesser possibility for you to forget the things you need and want to buy.
  • Rest if you must. You do not want to end your day with too much exhaustion. Enjoy all the rides while getting breaks in between so that your feet won’t get tired and you’ll still have the energy to do some strolling the next day.

May these tips guide you to your ultimate Disney experience. Enjoy!


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