The month of September can give guests and park visitors a lot of fun at the Downtown Disney area. The month usually brings end of summer fun, Labor Day adventures, and long days to the Downtown Disney area. Guests of all ages, from children to adults can have great times at Downtown Disney in September, and between concerts, movies, and other activities, the month can bring excitement to Downtown Disney.

In the month of September, there are tons of brand new movies that will be played at the AMC Movie Theaters at Downtown Disney. With a ton of screens, all the biggest movies will be played there the night they open. On 9/6, a ton of new movies open up including: Riddick, Hell Baby, A Teacher, The Ultimate Life, 36 Saints, Butcher Boys, Winnie Mandela, and others to the Downtown Disney area. Two of the biggest end of summer movies opens on September 14th with Insidious Chapter 2 and The Family opening up at Downtown Disney. The 20th brings Battle Of The Year, Rush, and The Prisoners to the Anaheim area. Finally, on the 27th, the theaters at Downtown Disney will be showing Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 and Don Jon to the resorts area. Various different IMAX movies are opening during the month including The Wizard of Oz, and Metallica through the Never as well.

Guests of the Downtown Disney area can also help celebrate the opening of the NFL season at the ESPN Zone as the American Football season starts, and the ESPN Zone will have the entire first week lineup on display on all their large screen TV’s. Arrive before 10am to see the first game and stay until 9pm to see the last game end. Return back on Mondays in September to see Monday Night Football there as well starting at 5:30pm at the ESPN Zone.

Early in September, Labor Day is celebrated at the Downtown Disney. As the holiday falls on a Monday, the park and shopping area will be open regular hours, and movies, dining, shops, and the entire Downtown Disney area will be open to celebrate the worker. It plans to be a busy three-day weekend at Downtown Disney during this three-day period, and parking should be crowded, so arrive early at Downtown Disney.

Of course, September can also lead to shopping specials at all the various stores throughout the park. Disney traditionally plans special events celebrating Disney artists during the month, and updated times and schedules can be found on the Disneyland Blog for up to date information. The various official Disney shopping stores and art galleries will have special signings for the artists, and guests/customers can enjoy their favorite artist with a meet and greet.

The month of September brings fun, celebrations, sports, and good times to the Downtown Disney area. Be sure to celebrate Labor Day, the beginning of the NFL, and fun times throughout the Downtown Disney area.