Food lovers in the Downtown Disney area have long found that the love of food and the number of restaurants in the area are a perfect match. For sandwich lovers though, finding a perfect sandwich spot in the park has long been a challenge and to that, many places have come and go in the area. But one restaurant in particular has been keeping fans happy for a few years now and the love of fine quality sandwiches and great food keeps lines out the door and stomachs full.

The Earl of Sandwich is known as the World’s Greatest Sandwich, and has a wide selection of sandwiches available for all ages. With freshly baked breads and wide selection so of sandwiches available at all hours it keeps visitors of Downtown Disney very happy and visitors from the Disneyland Resort especially happy as they travel to the Downtown Disney area after a day at the park.

The signature hot sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich include a Original 1762, which includes freshly roasted beef, sharp cheddar and and a creamy horseradish sauce. The Earl’s Club has a combination of roasted turkey, smoked bacon, aged Swiss, lettuce, roma tomatoes, and a sandwich sauce. The Italian has an Italian blend of salami, capicola, roasted ham, mortadella, zesty Italian dressing, Mozzarella, and roma tomatoes. The Full Montagu has freshly roasted beef, turkey, aged Swiss and sharp cheddar, lettuce, roma tomatoes, and the Earl’s Mustard Sauce. Meat lovers will enjoy the Cannonballs, which has meatballs, mozzarella, Parmesan, and a zesty marinara sauce. Healthy eaters can enjoy a Tuna Melt with albacore tuna salad and a melted aged Swiss. A BBQ fan can enjoy the Hawaiian BBQ sandwich that has grilled chicken, roasted ham, aged Swiss, fresh pineapple and Hawaiian BBQ sauce. Other sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich include the Ham and Swiss, a Veggie sandwich, a Caprese, Caribbean Jerk Chicken and a BLT.

Downtown Disney eaters who want something different than a sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich can also choose from a selection of salads, wraps, a wide selection of the Earl’s sides, desserts, breakfast options, and a variance of beverages that go from coffee, orange juice, freshly squeezed juices, and more. Larger parties to the Downtown Disney area can also choose from a catering option if they are having a party or local event in the area as well as the restaurant does full catering and 24/7 food service.

If you enjoy great food, fresh sandwiches, and a wide range of options during your stay at Downtown Disney, then the Earl of Sandwiches is a great option. With enough sandwiches to fill your visit and then some, it will keep your hands busy and your stomach full for a long time, and fill a visit to the Downtown Disney area with a fine meal as well. It’s well worth visiting and a great meal as well.