Live musical entertainment makes the streets of Downtown Disney a charming and engaging summer destination. Families can experience a great fun-filled day going around Downtown Disney, exploring the shopping and dining options while listening to music. The streets of Downtown Disney brim with life and energy especially during the summer with awesome performances by different musicians. Aside from a fine auditory experience while strolling and window shopping, guests are also able to sit and dine while they enjoy live music in some of the restaurants at Downtown Disney.

Street and Outdoor Performances

During the week, different types of music were performed on the streets. During Mondays, The Island Reggae Band performs fun and upbeat reggae music. Guests groove to the Latin sound of trumpet and percussions of the band Adelaide during Tuesdays. They enjoy a night of country and Cajun music during Wednesdays. Thursday nights are filled with the nostalgia of oldies and classic rock music. Friday nights are a celebration of dance as guests enjoy Hawaiian music by Tupua.

Some of the notable bands that have performed at Downtown Disney this summer include Phat Cat Swinger, a jazz and rockabilly band composed of talented horns and percussion players, and Crown City Bombers, a rhythm and blues band. Maureen and the Mercury 5, a rockabilly band also performed free shows at the ESPN Outdoor stage. Another band who gave an electrifying performance was the rhythm and blues band, Griff Hamlin and the Circle City Horns.

Walking around Downtown Disney during the summer afternoons is a treat for those who want to listen to Classic Disney songs rendered by the acapella group, Vocal trip. Guests enjoy reminiscing the Disney classics from 2 pm to 6 pm in the afternoon during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Dining and Music

The Ralph Brennan Jazz Kitchen is the perfect place for those who want to dine while listening to good music. Enjoy a traditional New Orleans dining experience while listening to good old live Jazz music. Kenny Sara and Sound of New Orleans is the house band of the Jazz Kitchen who entertains audiences with their unique and captivating music.

There is never a dull summer day at Downtown Disney. Streets bustle with the life and energy of musical performances from high caliber entertainers. Downtown Disney can be enjoyed not only for its shopping and dining destinations. Families and friends enjoy the summer listening and participating in the musical treats of Downtown Disney.

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