Last 28th of February, the vicinity of Metropolitan Los Angeles experienced Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, and Roots-based Rock & Roll in a level they have never experienced before. House of Blues, home to live music, delta-inspired cuisine, and original folk art, opened its newest location at Anaheim GardenWalk with the help of one of Orange County’s best acts: Social Distortion.

Social Distortion: Orange County’s Original Punk Rock Outfit

Social Distortion, also known as Social D or Sx Dx, was formed in 1978 in Fullerton, California by its front man, Mike Ness. Inspired by British punk acts like The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones, Social Distortion’s musical style was initially a mix between hardcore punk and punk rock. At present time, they have developed niche for themselves in the industry by pioneering a melodic punk sound that is unique to their music: rockabilly. This Southern Californian band has released seven studio albums, one live album, two compilations, and two DVDs to date.

Social Distortion helms opening of House of Blues at Anaheim

GardenWalk was a no-brainer according to Sean Striegel, Senior Vice President of Music at Live Nation Entertainment. To him, Social Distortion is a musical staple of Orange Country, and they are one of the original punk rock bands of Orange County. Tim Jorgensen, House of Blues Anaheim’s general manager, asserted that they wouldn’t have any other band besides Social Distortion to open House of Blues Anaheim to the public.

Social Distortion displayed agitation and energy on their 2-night appearance (February 28 and March 1, 2017) at House of Blues, Anaheim GardenWalk.

A Bigger and Better House of Blues: Enhanced Musical Experience with its New Facility

Anaheim’s initial House of Blues experience started at 2001, when a House of Blues was built at Downtown Disney. This year, the branch will be relocating to Anaheim GardenWalk with a facility that covers 44, 000 square feet. This amount of area covered by House of Blues Anaheim GardenWalk more than doubles the area in its previous branch.

Now, instead of only having a single stage for performances, House of Blues has four separate performance spaces. Up-and-coming bands can now perform in The Parish, an area which can accommodate up to 400 people. Main musical acts can also use the main music hall, a performance area which can hold up to 2200 concertgoers. It also now features an upscale lounge and bar called the Foundation Room.

House of Blues Anaheim also features a state-of-the-art sound technology. Its evenly distributes sound on all parts of the venue, which makes it possible for all patrons at different areas to enjoy music at the same quality.

Another advantage to the relocation of House of Blues is the removal of the restrictions when it comes to selecting their musical acts. Previously, under the Disneyland Resort, acts which were deemed to be explicit and not family-friendly were not allowed to be booked. With the separation of House of Blues with Disneyland Resort, they can begin to book other more-explicit acts which embody the kind of music that House of Blues stands for.

With the expanded space, improved sound technology, and an unrestrained selection of musical acts, you can bet that House of Blues Anaheim will provide a musical experience like never before.

Check out the House of Blues at 400 West Disney Way Anaheim, CA 92802 now.


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