Throughout the city of Anaheim, there are a number of shopping options available to guests and tourists. They are able to shop at brand name stores, enjoy world class styles, and stretch their dollars at the various discount stores. In the area, Downtown Disney and the Anaheim Gardennwalk are the two biggest shopping options for tourists and visitors currently and both have award winning options available to enjoy.

The Anaheim Gardenwalk is located of Katella Avenue and features numerous big name restaurants and shopping options. From the official Harley-Davidson store of Anaheim, to the O’Neill surf chain of stores, to Sketchers footwear for shoes, a new pair of sunglasses at Sunglass Hut, and others the stores at the Anaheim Gardenwalk will keep you busy. The wide variety of stores give shoppers a huge selection of various stores to enjoy throughout your shopping experience.The number of different stores and restaurants available throughout the Anaheim Gardenwalk are also amazing as they fill the area with a wide selection of selections to choose from. Shoppers will be able to choose from the options to pick up a new pair of shoes to enjoy while walking around the Anaheim area or pick up a new pair of shades to protect their eyes in the Southern California sunshine.

As shoppers move to the Downtown Disney area down the street of Katella, shoppers can wander down and take in a completely different shopping experience there. Disney fans will find the number of Disney affiliated and operated stores throughout the Downtown Disney area amazing. At Disney’s Pin Traders, customers can trade their favorite pins and collectibles for the newest pin and add to their pin collection. At the Disney Vault 28, the upscale collection merchandise of Disney is on display and available to purchase at great prices. At Studio Disney 365, shoppers can pose in their favorite television show or in their own photo shoot. It has a complete transformation process of turning the shopper into a tv or photo star within minutes. Definitely, not to be forgotten is the World of Disney store. The World of Disney store gives shoppers the opportunity to pick up an incredible assortment of Disney apparel, Disney toys, Disney Souvenirs, and Disney Collectibles. The large store in the Downtown Disney area is by far one of the largest stores their and has a huge collection of Disney related gear available for purchase.

No matter where you shop, shoppers will find the Downtown Disney and Anaheim Gardenwalk areas with a number of shopping options available and will present them with numerous choices to spend their money on. For more Disney related merchandise, shoppers will probably want to head towards Downtown Disney, but mainstream shoppers who are looking for regular merchandise can check out the Anaheim Gardenwalk for their items. Either way, both give shoppers a great shopping choice and a great shopping vacation or journey.