Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory has become one of the most charming nerds the whole world has known. His quirky antics and high regard for himself made him the most lovable character of the hit series. Even if he does not admit or see fault and thinks of himself as a perfect human being, we still love him anyway.

The Big Bang Theory has also mentioned Disney in a lot of its episodes and we have seen how Sheldon Cooper loves Disney – most especially Downtown Disney in Anaheim – which is a short drive away from his home in Pasadena. Here are a few reasons why.

Sheldon loves a movie theatre with excellent acoustics

Remember those times when he makes loud noises before a movie in order to determine the “acoustic sweet spot” of the theatre? Downtown Disney’s AMC Theatres provide state of the art technology from IMAX, RealD 3d, to Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound. Watching in one of AMC Downtown Disney 12 Theatres will immerse you in the action as if you are a part of the movie. It is a whole new movie experience that you will enjoy, just like Sheldon.

Sheldon loves unique stuff

Sheldon’s character has always been eccentric. He likes things that are unique. Things that normal people would like is just an insult to his intelligence. This is manifested in the things he own. Most noticeable is his wardrobe. Uniquely-designed t-shirts is a staple to Sheldon’s every day outfit. Downtown Disney’s WonderGround Gallery boats of eclectic and distinctive pieces that will pique your interest. Upon entering the gallery, you will delight in a world of vision and imagination inspired by everything Disney. Unexpected finds abound from home decors to other merchandise like limited-edition artworks and novelty items.

Sheldon loves Lego

Remember Sheldon building Lego Death Star and that date night with Amy? In one of the series’ episodes, we saw how Sheldon was furious when comforting Amy caused him to miss his scheduled time to building Lego Death Star. It was also mentioned in another episode that Sheldon’s idea of a date is going to the Lego store and buying a miniature Indiana Jones Lego. Just like Sheldon, you will also enjoy the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. Designed for kids of all ages, stepping inside the Lego Store is like entering a different dimension. Be in awe of your favorite Disney characters rendered in Lego. Have your picture taken from a life-sized Belle to a fire-breathing Maleficent.

His love for Disney isn’t the only reason why we love Sheldon Cooper. An eclectic person who loves something that normal people adores is just amazing. Maybe because genius or not, we are always in search of happiness. And where else will you find happiness? Of course, in the happiest place on earth!




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