Visitors and guests to Disneyland often enjoy the theme park for both the rides and the entertainment options at the park. At Disneyland and the Disney California Adventures theme parks, the Disney Monorail has been a staple at the parks as both an entertainment ride and a means of transportation across the theme park and to get between rides. In more recent times though, the Disney Monorail has given guests to the parks a new way to get to the Downtown Disney area and take in the wide variety of dining and entertainment choices.

The history of the Disney Monorail goes back to 1959, when the ride was built as a sightseeing attraction by Walt Disney and was though of something that would hopefully expand just beyond the Disney theme park. Early on, the Disney Monorail served as a ride that helped theme park goers go between the Tomorrowland areas of Disneyland to other areas of the park. In 1963, the Disneyland Monorail was expanded a few miles to extend into the Disneyland Hotel area. Guests of the hotel could now ride outside their hotel and get directly to the park. As the years continued, riders took the Disney Monorail and have enjoyed it as a way to zip across the Disneyland theme park and enjoy themselves at the same time. In 2000 however, the last station was added to accompany the latest addition to the Disney theme park area, and that was Downtown Disney.

The Downtown Disney station was the last of the station enhancements to the Disneyland Monorail. Via the Downtown Disney monorail station, guests can hop on the monorail and ride back directly to the park from the dining and shopping venues. Guests can also board from the Tomorrowland Monorail station and go directly to the Downtown Disney area, and this ride only takes 5 minutes generally. From the Downtown Disney area, the Monorail jets across the Tomorrowland area, across the Submarine Lagoon, through the roads of Autopia, and curves around the Bobsleds to the Tomorrowland station. Guests often find this as a quick and easy way to get to and from the Downtown Disney and theme park areas, as it requires less walking, serves as a way to avoid large crowds, and doesn’t require additional parking to get into Downtown Disney. Guests can leave their cars at the Disneyland park area and can ride to Downtown Disney to enjoy a fine meal and then head back to the park to finish up a few rides and end the night. Park admission though is required to ride the Disney Monorail to and from the Disney theme park since park admission is required to enter the Disney grounds.

Guests have ridden the Disney Monorail for years, but with the latest Downtown Disney station added, it gives guests even more reasons to enjoy the Disney Monorail and it gives guests a futuristic way to jet across the skies to their favorite destination.