Guests and visitors during their visit at Downtown Disney can experience shops and experiences that will not ever get a chance to ever experience at any other shopping or entertainment venue in the country, or in the world. The Downtown Disney experience brings together the experiences of Disney along with a true family friendly atmosphere that truly gets the family into the entire shopping and retail experience.

First on our trip is Ridemakerz. Ridemakerz is one of the most exciting stores and shopping experiences for the family at Downtown Disney. When you enter Ridemakerz, you are presented with the choice to create your own toy car. This isn’t your average hot rod though, this is one that you can call your own, and make yours for a lifetime. You begin by designing your ride. There are hundreds of options available to let you build your own custom ride. Various different vehicles and customizations are available for designers to choose from and legends like Chip Foose and Fireball Tim Lawrence have leant their names to this Downtown Disney racing shop. Body styles like Ford Mustangs, Dodge Vipers, Chevy Corvettes, Hot Rods, Pickups, and Concept Cars are available to customize here. You select the body, chasis, and tires and then finish it up. After you choose your parts, you goto the workbench and the expert staff at Ridemakerz puts together the ride for the customers. Customers of Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney range in all ages and this adds to the excitement and fun of this store. Once the ride is assembled, you can take the car out for a spin on their test track. At latest count, there are almost 649 million possibilities of cars at Ridemakerz to choose from at Downtown Disney and it’s impossible to finish them all.

What makes Ridemakerz such an exciting store at Downtown Disney is that it brings together the family experience to make a custom car that can be used and collected for a lifetime. Children can meet up with their parents to create their own custom car and then bring it home. That cherished memory can always be remembered  by the family as their memory from their vacation at Downtown Disney. This in combination with the fun aspects of building your own car, customizing it the way you want, and then having a chance to race it on the test track gives the customer whether it be a child or adult a racing experience that cannot be matched at any other retail store in the country.

If you’re 3 or 30, 5 or 50, 7 or 70, Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney will give you an exciting shopping and retail experience that will excite you, inspire your creativity, and get you to create your own sports-car that you can pass down to generations in your family. It is well worth the visit during your stay at Downtown Disney to visit Ridemakerz and enjoy the experiences that are zooming within its walls. It will be a car lovers dream store and experience.