Emojis have become an integral part of a smartphone user’s daily messaging life. Derived from the word emotion, emojis add a distinctive tone to messages that will make the receiver feel more. With billions of emojis sent every day, sending plain SMS or chat messages are the ways of yesterday.

Disney and Pixar have always made our normal experiences feel more enjoyable. The fun that Disney and Pixar bring to our daily experiences is highlighted more with the celebration of World Emoji Day at Downtown Disney, Anaheim. July 17 marked the global celebration of emoji. What better way to celebrate the fun of emojis than inside the happiest place on earth?

Celebrating World Emoji Day

At Downtown Disney, guests were treated to emoji-themed games, prizes and photo opportunities. Holiday attendees were also able to visit the Downtown Disney stores for emoji-fied photos including D Street, World of Disney, Wonderland Gallery, among others.

Downtown Disney was made more entertaining with the presence of Daniel Dudely, Radio Disney’s on-air personality. Teen sensation Forever In Your Mind also performed their hit songs on stage and answered questions from their eager supporters.

The highlight of the World Emoji Day celebration at Downtown Disney was the unveiling of a new mobile game called Disney Emoji Blitz. Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media saw to it that apart from having emoji-themed giveaways and photo opps, they will take World Emoji day celebration to a whole new level.

The Disney Emoji Blitz is a match-3 game which allows players to score points by collecting and matching Disney and Pixar-themed emojis. This Disney game is also the first mobile app which lets you use a custom keyboard. This means that when you collected an emoji within the game, you can also use it for the keyboard. You can let your friends know how amazing of a player you are when you send messages using the emojis you’ve unlocked. Since the game is iOs and Android compatible, anyone with a smartphone can collect over 400 Disney and Pixar emojis. Each collected emoji will constitute power ups like icing emojis with Queen Elsa from Frozen or Sulley from Monster Inc’s scaring emoji. Rare Disney Park-themed emojis like the Mickey Premium bar, Matterhorn, and Mickey Mouse Ear Hat are also up for grabs when a player completes missions.

World Emoji Day at Downtown Disney was one holiday for the books. It was a real magical experience to see kids of all ages enjoy the happiest place on earth during one of the cutest holidays ever celebrated.



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