Disneyland, coined as the happiest place on Earth, houses fun rides and attractions available to be enjoyed by its visitors. Truly, one’s Disney experience will always be among the most remarkable memories in his life. After enjoying the rides and before going back to reality, make sure to check out these fun souvenir items made especially for you to keep. These items are your time capsules so you can always go back in time and remember your fun Disney experience.

Disney Trading Pins

Come visit Disney’s Pin Traders and be amazed with the hundreds of pins available for purchase. These pins feature classic Disney characters and items which are surely familiar to all Disney lovers. What’s even more exciting is the tradition of Pin Trading.

In visiting the shop, you can trade your pins with the pins that you really want and make the latter even more special. Trade it with a cast member or a fellow pin collector and make a new friend! Building your collection has never been this fun and exciting, has it? The story of how you got your pin through trading will surely become a nice story to tell your future kids and grandkids. Buying pins can cost you a fortune so look closely and choose wisely!

Machine Pressed Coins

These machine pressed coins are one of the classic souvenir items when you visit Downtown Disney. With additional machines scattered throughout the resort, souvenir coin collectors will surely have fun choosing from over 60 coin designs, making each coin perfect for your collection. Truly there is no other way to memorialize your Disney experience than to have these coins which will make a lasting impression. Spot those Pressed Coin Machines when you visit Downtown Disney and start building your collection!

Customized Stuffed Animal and Toy Cars

For souvenirs which require hands-on fun work, visit Build-A-Bear Workshop and RideMakerz. In these two fun stores, visitors will be able to take home a souvenir they made themselves.

In Build-A-Bear Workshop, kids and other family members can make a furry friend however they want it to be. Visitors will start with choosing from 30 different animals to stuff. They can choose its clothes, accessories, and even the sound that it makes! Seal your furry friend with your name to mark it as yours, and keep it as a memory which will surely last for a lifetime!

At Ridemakerz, visitors will enjoy building their own, one of a kind toy car. A perfect bonding activity for parents and their kids, creating your own toy car has never been this fun! Choose from 49 different bodies available in a number of colors. Add each of the car’s details part-by-part and watch it become your very own toy ride. With over 649 million possible combinations, your toy car is sure to become one of a kind.

All these and other fun gift and customized souvenir items made available for you to always preserve your unforgettable Disney experience. Visit us now!



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