Pokémon Go, the new exciting augmented reality game, has taken the world by storm. It has only been out for some time, yet people of all ages are already hooked to this game of finding Pokémon.

People everywhere are frantically looking for Poke stops and Pokegyms, and Disneyland, California is heaven for all Pokémon Go masters and trainers. There are dozens and dozens of Poke stops, Poke gyms, and rare Pokémon’s all around Disney. Luckily for all those who are planning to visit Downtown Disney anytime soon, there are a lot of Poke stops at Downtown Disney. Charge your phones or better yet, bring extra batteries because Downtown Disney has more or less 15 Poke stops, more than enough to keep you busy playing the whole day. If you are visiting Disney Parks or staying at nearby hotels, you can easily head to Downtown Disney. Prepare yourself for an exciting and fun-filled day playing Pokémon Go.

How to Play Pokémon Go in Downtown Disney

The best thing about playing Pokémon Go at Downtown Disney is you do not need park admission tickets to get in. You can access the popular shopping promenade free of charge. Downtown Disney offers a lot of entertainment for people who love shopping, dining, or just walking around. You can catch Pokémon the whole day while enjoying what this popular shopping promenade has to offer.

If ever you get hungry or need an instant energy boost, there are a number of restaurants and cafés to choose from. You can even sit down, eat and enjoy hunting for Pokémon at the Rainforest Café. You can take advantage of the active lures that are set up at different Poke stops. Don’t forget to check the parking areas and the landmarks too.

Pokémon Meetups at Downtown Disney

Playing Pokémon Go is definitely more fun when you interact with other people. Especially at night, there are a lot of Pokémon Go players who can give you tips along the way. There are weekly Pokémon meetups at Downtown Disney. Check out the FB pages of groups that go to Downtown Disney and see how you can participate and interact with other Pokémon Go trainers.

Playing Pokémon Go at Downtown Disney is exciting and teeming with life. However, be wary of the park rules and follow them. Do not go to restricted areas. It is easy to get carried away with this game but remember that safety comes first.




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