Holidays are really the most wonderful time of the year. The essence of giving really embarks its own path amongst loved ones, and friends. Most importantly finding that perfect gift to give to a child can be stressful sometimes. That is why shopping on Amazon is just what ever mother needs. Depending on your young child’s likes and dislikes you can find a variety of Disney gifts on their website. Here is a list of gifts you may want to look into getting.

Most of your little princesses really dream about become a princess. On Amazon they have the 7 doll set for 24.99 compared to the Disney store.The Disney Princess Collection 7 Doll Gift Set is the perfect give for any little girl. You will receive Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Jasmin, Tatiana, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Each doll come fashioned with a glittery outfit. We think this makes the perfect gift because it will allow your child to use her own imagination, and be creative while she plays make believe.
The next gift that we found to be fun, and interactive was the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game. The object of this game is to work in teams to try and create the cupcake from the recipe before time runs out. Each cupcake is uniquely designed for each princess but you do have the chance to change it up, and create a whole new cupcake. I really enjoy seeing games like this. It will helps with the social development of the child. They are learning cooperative play, and are having a great time doing so as well.

That is just a couple of Ideas for the girls. Now its time for the boys. Disney has done such a great job creating games, and toys that are fit for both girls and boys. The next gift idea is really cool, and fun. I think any boy would really enjoy receiving this. It is the First Act MU285 4-String Monsters University Mini Guitar. This guitar is basically a starter, or beginners guitar. You are able to adjust the tuning gears for that perfect sound. It has nylon strings that make it easy for their little fingers to strum the notes. All kids love music, but most kids are musically talented. They love to create, and play music. This is the perfect gift for that child, because they can express themselves through the music.


For the bigger boy that has the WII video console the Disney Infinity Starter Pack Wii U is the perfect gift. So what you will get with the starter pack is 1 video game, 3 Disney Infinity figure dolls, 1 Disney Infinity base, 1 Disney Infinity power disc, 1 starter pack play set piece, and 1 web code card. Your child again will be using their creativity, and imagination to create different stories and scenarios. This gift is more geared towards the older children. They still get the fun of playing a video game, but will have to use their thinking caps to get through each level. That is why I love this. It is way better than just jumping over things or knocking this down. They have to be the ones to create the stories, and situations.
Hopefully this has really helped you out, and gave you a few ideas to provide a great Disney Christmas, or birthday to your child.

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