Downtown Disney, the vibrant shopping and entertainment destination in Anaheim has recently added an exciting new store for surfers and beach lovers. The newly opened Curl Store by Sammy Duvall at Downtown Disney is a paradise for water sports aficionados and enthusiasts. The store features the best and most trusted swimwear and beachwear brands as well as exciting and new products. You can also find cool footwear, accessories and ready-to-wear brands in the store.

Sammy Duvall, the man behind the Curl Surf Shop is one of the most popular and successful water skiers in the world. A prodigy, Duvall has won a total of 80 pro championships and was ranked #1 water ski jumper in the world. He was sponsored by major brands such as O’Neill and Oakley.

Here are the reasons why you should check out the Curl Store by Sammy Duvall at Downtown Disney.

  1. There’s a huge selection of beachwear.

If you need a one-stop shop for all the best swimwear brands, then you should definitely check out Curl. Upon entering the store, you will be awed at the wide variety and selection of beachwear, clothes and accessories. The store has a cool, beach-inspired interior that definitely complements their selected brands. You will find core brands such as Billabong, Reef, O’Neill, Roxy, Duvin, Hurley, and Quicksilver as well as upcoming new brands like Dolce Vita, Maaji, Vissla, Salt Life, Salty Crew and Society Amuse.

  1. There are high-end brands.

Because the store is created by the great Sammy Duvall, you can be sure that they only include the best, high quality and high-end brands. Being a trusted and respected figure in water sports, you can be sure that Sammy Duvall has carefully chosen the best brands of swimwear that will represent his store.

If you are looking for swimwear manufactured by the best brands in the swimwear industry, then Curl is right shop for you. Expect to get high quality beachwear that are fashionable and made from the best materials from Curl.

  1. A mix of fashion and function awaits.

Curl features not only the best selection of swimwear but also some of the most fashionable accessories, ready-to-wear, and footwear brands. You can find unique and trendy creations from Natalie B Jewelry and James Michelle Jewelry. You need a great pair of sunglasses not only for the beach but also for strolling the streets of Downtown Disney.

Curl Store offers the latest styles of Oakley, Schwood, Von Zipper and Ray-Ban products for high-quality and fashionable eyewear. You do not need to be a beach bum to enjoy the products in the Curl Store. For trendy and up-to-date apparel, check out One Teaspoon, L Space, and Society Amuse. If you need some beach accessories to match your look, there are new and trendy brands like Salt Life, Brixton, and Yeti. You will also be happy to know that some of your favorite footwear brands like Toms, Coconuts by Matisse and Vans are also available at the Curl Store.

Visit the Curl Store by Sammy Duvall at Downtown Disney for the widest selection of swimwear and fashion brands.

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