New Hotel Near Downtown Disney?

Concept art of the lobby for the proposed new hotel at the Disneyland Resort. The approximately 700 room hotel will be located on 10 acres on what is currently the Downtown Disney parking lot. The proposed hotel would be a AAA "Four-Diamond" hotel. COURTESY, THE DISNEYLAND RESORT

Last 2015, the City Council of Anaheim voted to enact the Hotel Incentive Program, a resolution that seeks to increase and promote tourism in Anaheim through incentivizing companies to build luxury hotels around the GardenWalk area.

Among the several companies that gave out positive responses were Disney and Wincome Group. The construction of these luxury hotels are part of the campaign to revitalize GardenWalk and raise Anaheim as a target destination for tourists and a possible venue for large conventions

The GardenWalk Project: Anaheim’s New Hotel Incentive Policy

The City Council of Anaheim adopted this program to give hotel developers the chance to build 4-diamond hotels at Anaheim with the help of a government subsidy. Under this policy, the hotel developer will get a subsidy that is equal to 70% of the Transient Occupancy Tax made by the hotel for over a period of 20 years. The only caveat is this: the incentive payment will only be given if the development of the luxury hotel is successful.

Luxury developments by Disney and the Wincome Group

Last July 2016, the City Council of Anaheim voted to approve the hotel development proposals of Disney and Wincome Group.

Disney plans to construct a 700-room hotel with parking across Disneyland Drive. This is going to be the fourth hotel at the Disneyland Resort, and it is going to be designed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Walt Disney Imagineering previously designed the different attractions across the Disneyland Resort. This new hotel is going to be the first 4-diamond luxury hotel to be built on Disneyland in nearly 20 years, and this comes at a time when there is an increasing demand for accommodations around Disneyland, with the creation of the Star Wars attraction coming up soon. The construction of the still-unnamed hotel will begin at 2018, and it will feature a fitness facility, two pools, a kids’ play area, and a concierge service.

The Wincome Group’s proposal for the city subsidy also got approved. Good Hope International, its affiliate, is going to build a 580-room luxury hotel at the site of Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites. Another Wincome affiliate, the FJS Inc., will also build another hotel at the current area of Anabella Hotel, a location near the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Benefits of Anaheim’s Hotel Incentive Program

This particular program bodes well for the future of Anaheim. One of the main benefits to the development of luxury hotels around Anaheim is the projected increase of tourist visits from all over the country. Due to this policy, the Anaheim Convention Center will become an even more attractive location for various events and conventions.

The increase in tourism is not the only benefit that could be accrued from the development of these luxury hotels. Thousands of jobs are also going to be made with the construction of these hotels. Since these hotels are luxury ones, these hotels will also generate better-paying employment opportunities for Anaheim’s locals.

At the moment, there are only two 4-diamond ranking hotels on Anaheim. These are the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. These two hotels, combined with Disney’s Paradise Pier produces about 1/3 of all Transient Occupancy Tax collected by the city of Anaheim. With the introduction of additional 4-diamond hotels, the Transient Occupancy Tax collected by the city will certainly increase by a mile. Overall, this program appears to be a positive step towards the development and growth of the city of Anaheim.


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