Visitors to Downtown Disney, will almost immediately find the influence of the local Mexican cuisine and dining almost immediate. With Downtown Disney in the Anaheim area, many local Mexican restaurants are in the local area and often influence the eating in the park and area. In addition, there is a large Mexican population in the area, and that helps the number of Mexican influenced dining options also in the Downtown Disney area. Of the most popular though is Tortilla Jo’s in the heart of Downtown Disney. The range of Mexican dining options available at Tortilla Jo’s is mind boggling, and should keep the palates of any diner very happy.

The major influence of Tortilla Jo’s is the executive chef, Jose Estrada. He is a native of Mexico and brings his keen eye on Mexican cuisine to the restaurant. He grew up from a dishwasher in the restaurants chain of restaurants and has worked his way up the culinary ladder to bring his excellent choice of dining options to visitors of Tortilla Jo’s.

Tortilla Jo’s has a vibrant and rich spirit, and it is shown in the food at Tortilla Jo’s. It is very popular for both families and kids, and has authentic food that keeps crowds filling the place nightly. From handmade tortillas, to handmade guacamole, and over 100 tequilas for the adults, the vast menu will please any Mexican food lover.

At this Downtown Disney establishment, the dining choices start with carnitas, tamales, and a Jo’s favorte of ribs, shrimp and an excellent sole. The tortilla soup and pozole soup will fill the delights of any hungry diner at Tortilla Jo’s. After the initial blast of flavors, the fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, and chile relleno’s will fill the tummy’s of all who dine there. For their specials, Tortilla Jo’s offers fish tacos, carne asada, shrimp & avocado enchiladas, a carnitas burrito, a pollo fresco, a mayan spiced salmon, and finally a pork ribs plate. Specials also include taco shaves, flautas, enchiladas suizas, and sonoran style quesadilla.

For those dining with children, entrees that include quesadilla’s, soft tacos, chicken tenders, and burritos are available. In addition, healthy choices for children are also available via flautas, chicken breast dishes, and a garden vegetable burrito. Desserts including fresh fruit and a chocolate tres leches cake that will keep all kids happy.

Tortilla Jo’s at Downtown Disney will excite and keep diners at Downtown Disney extremely happy and fill the stomachs happily. From a basic Mexican burrito, to fancy enchiladas, to Sonoran inspired dishes, the restaurant will keep diners happy and nightly fills the restaurant with happy repeat customers. Tortilla Jo’s offers highly rated reviews from various websites and features top rated Yelp reviews as well. What the restaurant brings to the Downtown Disney area, is a vibrant number of flavors and an exciting spirit of Mexico to diners at Downtown Disney. If you’re wanting to taste the flavors of Mexico without leaving Downtown Disney, Tortilla Jo’s is a place to dine and be excited by.