As the summer months approach and schools get out in June, the Downtown Disney quickly becomes a hotspot for people to enjoy the area. Lots of people come to Downtown Disney in June, and it marks the official start of the Summer season in the area. The Downtown Disney and surrounding Disneyland Park area have plenty to enjoy in June, and offers a multitude of fun options for movies, entertainment, park events, and more.

The biggest event in June by far is the fireworks show that people of all guests can enjoy nightly from Downtown Disney. As the fireworks show kicks off at 9pm, it makes a perfect time after dinner at one of the many restaurants or shopping excursions within Downtown Disney. The fireworks can be viewed throughout most of the Downtown Disney area, and are free to enjoy.

June marks the blockbuster movie season as well at the AMC, with huge releases expected and more to be announced. Big hits like Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, The Purge 2, Jersey Boys, and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction are planned to be released in the month of June, 2014. Dinners can be enjoyed at any of the surrounding areas, and then movies afterwards. Dining outdoors in the summer weather mixed in with a blockbuster movie can easily make a trip to Downtown Disney worth it.

The summer convention of travelers brings as well a number of visitors to the area. The big TEAM Leadership Development Seminars and the big Major League Gaming Pro Circuit are expected to be at the nearby Anaheim Convention Center, and visitors of those conventions just need to walk across the street to enjoy the splendor of Downtown Disney in June.

The summer sports junkies will enjoy the NBA Finals and MLB action during June, and can take in local Baseball action with the Los Angeles Angels over at Anaheim Stadium. Local teams will be playing the biggest summer baseball nearby, and the Downtown Disney area is a short commute away from the stadium afterwards, and dinner or drinks can be enjoyed there.

In June, there will be plenty of various merchandising efforts put forward by Disneyland as well throughout the area, and especially at the Wunderland Gallery and surrounding stores, with Summer sales continuing on throughout the month. With the park going into summer extended hours starting in June, the park will be open until very late to enjoy for the entire family.

The last event of note will be the Cars Master Weekend, which is expected to occur at Disneyland from June 14th to June 15th. Those who enjoy the Cars movies from Disney, will be sure to enjoy this, and should bring along their children to enjoy it too. Lots of action and fun will be had and can be Cars related too.

June is a great and warm month to enjoy Downtown Disney, and is a perfect month to visit. Be sure to dress accordingly, and enjoy the Downtown Disney area in June.