You’re almost always guaranteed to have a memorable time in Disneyland. It is, after all, “the happiest place on earth.” But it’s also a possibility that your happy memories could be punctuated by some unhappier ones, such as long ride wait times, achy feet, large crowds, and other minor annoyances.

You don’t have to worry though, because these unpleasant experiences can be worked around and sometimes altogether avoided, even during the park’s busiest times. Just follow the six tips below and you’ll have a thoroughly enjoyable time in Disneyland!

1) Make good use of Fastpasses

It is imperative to take advantage of the fastpass system if you want to be able to go on your favorite rides many times. Most of the popular and roller-coaster type rides can have wait times of over an hour during peak periods, which is time that you could be spending on other fun activities. A fastpass ticket will tell you what time you can return to a particular ride and take the fastpass line, which is always much shorter and faster. While waiting for your fastpass time to arrive you can go on other rides or grab a bite to eat!

2) Take a midday break

It’s easy to overdo it in Disneyland. With so much to see, do, and experience, you may want to stay in the park solidly from open to close! The only problem is that keeping up such a pace can get really grueling really quickly, and will only serve to slow you down. Taking a break and retiring to your hotel for a while during the day can give you a much needed pick-me-up and allow you to go back and stay until close. Forgoing the busiest part of the day in favor of the morning and evening hours at the park will also help you avoid crowds and long wait times.

3) Eat before or after everybody else

Ride lines aren’t the only type of lines that exist in Disneyland. Sometimes the line-ups for food can get pretty long as well. You should strive to avoid the craziness that can be the lunch and dinner rush at Disneyland by taking your meals either before or after everyone else. Strive to avoid eating close to noon and close to 6PM. Consider eating your lunches and dinners early, or bringing snacks so that you can grab your food once most of the hungry patrons have already cleared out. It will make for a much more enjoyable experience, and will save you a lot of time as well.

4) Grab your seats for shows early

The streets of Disneyland can get incredibly crowded during shows and events such as fireworks or parades, and it can be nearly impossible to find a comfortable spot from where to watch if you only start looking a few minutes ahead of time. If you’re interested in seeing a show, then be prepared to claim your spot well in advance. Try to grab a bench or a section of sidewalk at least an hour in advance, especially if you have a very large party or small children in your group. This can be a great time to eat some snacks or buy some food while you rest your feet and wait for the show to start!

5) Plan out your souvenir shopping

Try to set aside a time for souvenir shopping instead of picking your souvenirs up as you run around the park going on rides. Having to carry extra items and bags can be a real drag, and you definitely don’t want to risk forgetting your purchases on rides! Try to go souvenir shopping only before heading back to your hotel. You should also make sure to leave some time for shopping in the Downtown Disney District, which has many awesome stores that are definitely worth checking out.

6) Rest your feet often

When in Disneyland it is tempting to go everywhere, do everything, and try to fit in as much as you can into however long you’ve got. However, keeping up a relentless pace can quickly burn you out and might even cause you to leave the park well before close! It is best to sit down for a few minutes whenever you start feeling too tired. The great thing is that you can even sit down and get some rest on a few longer rides! It’s a Small World will allow you to sit for about 10 minutes, while Pirates of the Caribbean lasts for around 15 minutes.

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