Beyond the exciting rides at the happiest place on Earth comes a wide stretch of other fun attractions which will surely make your Disney experience a memorable one. With stores offering a wide selection of toys and fun gift items, Downtown Disney will surely wake the soul of both kids and kids-at-heart!

Bears (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Stuffed bear is a favorite classic toy. At Build-A-Bear Workshop, family members can enter and create their own stuffed bear however they want it. You want a silly looking bear, or a princess riding a motorcycle? You can have it!

What souvenir would be better than a customized and personalized item from Downtown Disney? However you imagine your furry bear friend to be, you will be able to have it. Our staff is also available and would be more than willing to help you achieve it. We will help you choose its outfit, accessories, and even scents and sounds!

Aside from bears, Build-A-Bear Workshop has over 30 animals to let your imagination run wild. More than the personalized souvenir with your name on it, this very hands-on experience will truly be a blast to both kids and kids at heart.

Lego (The LEGO Store)

For more hands-on experience, visit The LEGO Store and marvel at the life-size Disney characters made of Lego! Let your creativity lead the way as you explore on thousands of Lego bricks of different colors and sizes. Whether you like following instructions or building your own thing, The LEGO Store is the perfect place for both kids and adults.
This is a perfect fun bonding activity for parents and kids! Visit the Pick & Build Wall to choose the right pieces of Lego to finish your creation. Buying a gift? Talk to our very knowledgeable Brick Specialists who are always more than willing to help you find the perfect set! Find this exciting? Do not forget to visit The LEGO Store and build one now!

Cars (Ridemakerz)

Can’t get enough of customized souvenir items? Come and visit Ridemakerz where you can make your very own toy ride! Design your own ride and create it part-by-part. Choose from 49 different bodies in various colors, and from lots of rims and tires. You can even put a sound on your creation! There are over 649 million possible combinations, your creation will surely be one of a kind. Customize each of the detail and put it all together on your own or with the help of our ride specialists. This is also a perfect bonding activity of parents and kids who love doing hands-on activities.

Coins (Pressed Coin Machines)

Make souvenir collecting less pricey with our pressed coins! With Pressed Coin Machines available around Downtown Disney, it will be easy to make your own Disney coin. With various designs available to choose from, collecting coins will surely be exciting. Walk around to spot the machine, insert your coins and choose your design. Work those arms of yours until finally your Disney coin comes out. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

The happiest place on Earth is designed for both kids and kids-at-heart. Visit Downtown Disney now and make the most out of your Disney experience!

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