As the month of February approaches, the amount of events happening at Downtown Disney continues to grow. From merchandising events, retail events, restaurants events, and Valentine’s Day, the Downtown Disney area will certainly be popping come February. Lovers, friends, and more will gather throughout the Anaheim Downtown Disney area to enjoy the times ahead.

The first days of February from February 1st and 2nd will bring the launch of the Castle Coffee Break, which is a collection of art from Jerrod Maruyama. This new piece will be available for viewing at the WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney district, and this will accompany the two previous pieces titled A Small World Of Cute and Life Lessons From Princesses as well.

The next week features a moment for Precious Moments fans as doll maker Linda Rick makes an appearance at Downtown Disney. She will be at the China Closet in the Disneyland Park, and her items will be available for purchase throughout the Downtown Disney area. She will be there to present and display the Valentine’s collection from Precious Moments to Valentine’s Day fans and the collectors these days. These dates of February 7th to 9th will be precious indeed.

February 8th though for children will be an extra special day, as Minnie Makeovers will be done at the Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney area, and these will be done to showcase the Beautifully Disney collection from Pop of Minnie. Girls of all ages will enjoy these Minnie Makeovers, and get a chance to look like Minnie for the day.

February 15th features a number of events including the release from the HARVEY’s Disney Couture collection, with the star being Tinkerbell. The new Tinkerbell purse will be an instant hit for Tinkerbell collectors, and be available along with meeting the purse creators Dana and Melanie Harvey. That day and the next will also feature local artist Katie Kelly from 10am to 4pm at the Off The Page at Disney California Adventure nearby. Her Disney area art is legendary, and well worth the trip if you are visiting the park and the California Adventures area.

The next week of February 22 brings out the newest exhibit to The Disney Gallery, and is inspired by Steampunk at the same time. Not a lot of details have been leaked about this event, but special artist signings are on the horizon, and collectibles featuring one of kind creations are sure to be available as well. Also, local artist M Andonia will be available at the WonderGround Gallery from 1pm to 4pm showing off her Disney inspired creations. Liana Hee is also supposed to be in various showcase events at Downtown Disney as well during the month.

The month of February is full of excitement at Downtown Disney, and the amount of events can keep you coming back weekly for fun. From art to Tinkerbell, gallery pieces and more, the Downtown Disney area is rocking in fun in February.