Downtown Disney features a high number of restaurants and gives visitors a number of different choices to choose from for dinner and more. From southern cuisine to sandwiches, Downtown Disney does its absolute best to keep diners happy and their stomachs happy. Recently though, the latest addition of an Italian restaurant named Naples Ristorante has brought the authentic soul of Southern Italy to the area and has kept diners very happy leaving their doors. It provides a fun and casual dining environment with a wide variety of different dining choices as well

Naples Ristorante is located in the heart of Downtown Disney and gives its diners a wide variety of different Italian classics to choose from. From thin-cruse pizzas to a full menu of different options, visitors to Naples Ristorante will find the menus pleasing and exciting at the same time. There is also a special menu available for the younger guests, so diners with children won’t find the Italian cuisine to overwhelming to their children.

The heart of Naples Ristorante at Downtown Disney is the executive chef Umberto Rubelli. With over 25 years of Italian dining and cooking experience, he brings an Italian education and a love of Italian food to the Downtown Disney mecca. He has worked at various award winning restaurants and brings his distinct cooking style to the Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria.

The kids menu at Naples Ristornte includes a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, kid’s pasta, mac and cheese, a chicken option, a polenta dish, a risotto dish and more. Desserts for kids include fresh fruit, ice cream and a mini cannoli. They are able to drink fruit smoothies, italian sodas, and milk/juice options are available.

The main menu at Naples Ristorante features a wide variety of Antipasti’s, Insalates, Pastas, Fish, Parmigiana dishes, Specialties and sandwiches. in addition, the ristorante offers various pizza options that range from BBQ chicken, pepperoni, italian sausage, ham, and more. Some of the finer choices to be had at Naples Ristorante include the Calamari Fruita, at the Bruschetta alla Toscana, and others. For pasta lovers, the Gnocchi, Linguine, and other pasta dishes are delicious and can fill the stomachs of any pasta lover. The fishes include a special catch of the day along with a pan seared salmon. The specialty dishes of Naples Risorante include a Braised Beef short rib with polenta and a half chicken with mushrooms, onions and herbs.

For those diners at Downtown Disney who want to experience the finer tastes of Italy without leaving the Downtown Disney park and shopping district, Naples Ristorante gives you a wide number of fine dining options to choose from. From salads to pasta, from fish to pizza, the menu has numerous options and for children makes it an easy winner to dine at. With award winning reviews across websites, and highly rated Yelp reviews, Naples Ristorante is a place to stop at during your Downtown Disney adventure, and experience the taste of Italy done right.