For 15 years, the House of Blues at Downtown Disney has entertained millions of people, with performances from great artists such as John Lee Hooker, Foo Fighters, Etta James, Justin Timberlake, B.B King, Fallout Boy, and Willie Nelson. The House of Blues in Downtown Disney opened in January 12, 2001 but closed on May 31, 2016 because the management deemed it better to move to a location with a much bigger space. The new location, which opened last November at Anaheim GardenWalk is twice as big as the old location and has over a total of 40,000 plus square footage.

Are you thinking of visiting the House of Blues? Here are some things you should expect.

  • It has a bigger space.

The much bigger space in the new location has a music hall has a 2,200 capacity and 3 other sections, namely, The Parish, the new Foundation Room, and the Restaurant. The Foundation Room is another addition for the new location since the Downtown Disney location did not have enough space to build one. All the 4 sections in the building will have their own stage. This means that there will be 4 simultaneous music performances happening at the venue.

  • It has got an enhanced entertainment.

The new House of Blues aims to provide an elevated musical experience for its guests. For this reason, the new venue installed an improved, state-of-the-art sound system, has a multi-level floor plan which allows all guests to see the stage better, and more front row seats for VIP guests.

2017 will see exciting musical acts from the likes of Social Distortion, Korn, Billy Idol, Death Cab for Cutie, and Yellowcard. For an enhanced visual experience, the new House of Blues also features different kinds of art, from American folk art to street, and contemporary art from local artists.

  • A new foundation room awaits.

The new House of Blues will have the Foundation Room, a venue that the old Downtown Disney venue did not have. The Foundation Room has a lounge and a bar and serves upscale, sophisticated food for its guests. The new Foundation Room is the perfect venue for live music and pre-show parties. It has a VIP membership program which gives priority ticketing and premium services to its members.

  • Brace yourself for an improved menu.

The new House of Blues provides an all-day dining experience of classic and contemporary American and Southern food. Classics such as jambalaya, Southern fried chicken, St. Louis ribs, and Shrimp Po Boy are only some of the gastronomic treats you can enjoy at the House of Blues restaurant. There will also be nightly musical performances to entertain guests while enjoying the scrumptious food at the outdoor and indoor parts of the restaurant.

  • There shall be a gospel brunch.

The Gospel Brunch is a one-of-a-kind experience that locals, tourists and out-of-town guests should all watch out for in the New House of Blues. Be prepared for an invigorating, soul-stirring gospel show along with a new, delectable menu.

  • New and exciting House of Blues merchandise is now available.

Aside from the out-of-the-box experiences you can have in the new House of Blues, you can take home a souvenir from their Gear Shop. Choose from a wide selection of t-shirts and accessories.

With the fusion of musical, gastronomic and visual experiences, the new House of Blues is definitely a worthwhile destination.


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