Thousands and thousands of Disneyland park guests and locals in Anaheim, California visit Downtown Disney everyday and throughout the Downtown Disney area, there are plenty of different dining options available for visitors. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of various dining options and fits the various needs and cuisines of almost any guest that could possibly enter the area.

For those interested in healthy eating, visitors should check out the Catal Restaurant This is a very casual restaurant in Downtown Disney and features a wide range of healthy eating options from steak, poultry, vegetables, pastas and more.

Sandwich lovers at Downtown Disney have got to check out the Earl of Sandwich, which as one would expect has the only spot in Downtown Disney for sandwiches of all natures. They feature fresh-baked bread, signature items, and sandwiches that beckon the ages of Earl of Sandwich and 1762.

Sports fans at Downtown Disney almost make a rush to the ESPN Zone. This family hotspot features the ESPN theme restaurant style along with all types of food options, from casual to fancy. You can find steaks, salads, chops, hamburgers, and other family friendly meals here with hundreds of tv’s with ESPN on them at the same time.

Ice Cream lovers at Downtown Disney will almost immediately notice Haagen-Dazs and with their rich assortment of flavors available, its an ice cream lovers kind of shop.

Jazz lovers, concert goers, and music lovers will appreciate the House of Blues at Downtown Disney. Live concerts are held nightly, and dining options here feature Cajun, Creole, American, and other styles of southern cuisine. On Sundays, there is a godpel brunch that features live gospel performances as well.

Outdoor diners will enjoy the La Brea Bakery Cafe and their many sandwich, coffee, tea, and California themed dining choices that range from gourmet items to casual faire.

Pizza lovers at Downtown Disney will love Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria along with Naolini, both which feature gourmet pizza’s, pasta, and Italian dining.

Families who enjoy themed restaurants will enjoy the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. This tropical themed restaurant is very family friendly, features animatronic animals, and a fun atmosphere with great food.

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen is the place to visit at Downtown Disney if looking for higher scale Cajun and Creole cuisine. All types of New Orlean’s themed foods are available here and life jazz sessions are played nightly as well.

For those who want to try Mexican cuisine, both Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s and Torilla Jo’s are places to say Hola. They have upscale Mexican cuisine and a wide assortment of fun foods. Diners can eat outside as well and enjoy the Southern Californa weather at the same time.

Last but definitely not least at Downtown Disney is the Uva Bar. Here visitors can enjoy cocktails, drinks, bar food, and Spanish style cuisine. They also feature decadent ice cream sandwiches and floats/shakes.

No matter what you are hungry for at Downtown Disney, there are many options available. Save your appetite and enjoy the food at Downtown Disney.