Diners and families during their stay at Downtown Disney are given many different options for dining and can take in a wild amount of different entertainment options for their stay. There are plenty of fast food options available to customers and families, but at Downtown Disney it gives families a unique experience that cannot be matched. Both the House of Blues and Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen give customers a one of a kind experience that cannot be matched and is only available at Downtown Disney.

The House of Blues is a chain of clubs that features southern cuisine and cajun cooking along with other food options for the entire family. In addition to the fine food served at the House of Blues, there are nightly concerts available for all types of customers and guests. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment world have taken the stage at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney and put on some of the biggest shows of their careers. Bands like Social Distortion and others have recently taken the stage to put on wild shows for the guests to enjoy. It is important to know that most of the shows at House of Blues are for 18+ old guests since the club features Alcohol so kids will more than likely have to be kept at the hotel for the shows. On Sundays, the House of Blues features a Gospel brunch that features a southern buffet and gospel show that is a one of a kind experience at Downtown Disney. Loud gospel music, lots of fine food, and a family friendly venue for a Sunday meal is full of excitement at the House of Blues.

While the House of Blues gives you a more concert friendly dining experience, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney gives you the taste and feel of New Orleans and a live jazz setting that the entire family can enjoy during their visit to Downtown Disney. Families can enjoy the southern cuisine of gumbo, jumbalaya, and other New Orleans staples along with inspired dishes from the Louisiana regions here. In addition, at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, daily and nightly entertainment options are available during your meal. Live jazz music is played by a local band and truly gives you a dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else but Downtown Disney. The food at this restaurant is top notch and the entire family will enjoy the wide range of options, from meat to seafood, from soups to desserts.

In short, dining at Downtown Disney gives visitors and guests many exciting choices to choose from during their vacation to Disneyland. While many visitors and guests are content to stay within the confines of the park for their food, adventurers will choose Downtown Disney as their dining hotspot and by doing so, will give them more choices that they have ever imagined. From concerts to creole, these two options are Downtown Disney’s biggest draws.