Throughout the holiday season, many people come to the Disney area to spend time, shopping, going to their favorite spots, and enjoying the holiday sounds of the season. The Downtown Disney area is full of holiday excitement during the post Thanksgiving and December months, and that is why people come there. Whether it is the spirit of the holidays, the passion for Disney during the holiday times, or a combination of the both, the Downtown Disney is full of fun.

The spirit of Downtown Disney during December is all about the music and the ice skating rink setup in the main Downtown Disney area. People will stroll through the area, listen to their favorite holiday sounds, and then stop by the ice skating rink for a spin. The ice skating rink at Downtown Disney is one of the few outdoor rinks in the area, and that is why people frolic to the rink. Families can ice skate together while taking in the sounds of the holidays together.

The holidays at Downtown Disney in December wouldn’t be the same without the food, and the restaurants at Downtown Disney show off their best holiday meals during December. All of the Disney restaurants kick up their holiday family specials during December, and the tables of these restaurants are generally packed. Be sure to make your reservations early, as the lines are plentiful in these restaurants, and reservations can ensure you get your table there. From Jazz, Southern, and other cuisines, it is all available during December at Downtown Disney.

The sounds of the holidays fill the streets of Downtown Disney like no other, and children and adults love coming to Downtown Disney during December. From going into their favorite stores to purchase gifts for their loved ones, to a favorite Disney inspired gift for a child, or purchasing a little something for themselves, the shopping experience is unreal during December at Downtown Disney. There is holiday cheer, holiday tinsel, and carolers who fill the streets singing holiday sounds at Downtown Disney.

Lastly, the Downtown Disney during December celebrates all the holiday during December, and it truly embraces cultures from all over the world during the month of December. From Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza, all the holidays are given their own special spot at Downtown Disney and they show it well in the Disney area. Many people who are spending a few days at the park, take the monorail to the theme park and enjoy the holiday decorations there as well.

After the holidays are over at Downtown Disney, the New Year’s Eve experience at Downtown Disney fills the air with fireworks and the various events that will fill the Disney area. The New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time in the Anaheim area, and the area gets packed for the fireworks, so again arrive early and find a perfect spot for the fireworks. December is a great time at Downtown Disney, so be sure to enjoy it a lot.