The Chocolate Dome at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

Downtown Disney has the best shopping and dining options you can find in California. With so many choices, one day is not enough to scour and discover the best food options at the lively promenade. If you want to experience what the South has to offer, then visit Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. As one of the most popular restaurants in Downtown Disney, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen gives you a feel of New Orleans with two wonderful things: food and music.

The restaurant has a charming 19th century French Quarter architecture. The two-level restaurant has a vibrant Mardi Gras atmosphere. The elaborate wall décor and fancy art are also some of the restaurant’s most distinctive features. You can choose to dine at the indoor tables while enjoying the lovely interior, or you can dine at the patio and enjoy a view of the streets.

New Orleans Food and Music

New Orleans is best known for jazz music and Creole cuisine. A combination of Spanish, French, African, Caribbean, Italian, and American Indian influences, food from New Orleans is an explosive mix of flavors and spices.

Ralph Brennan’ Jazz Kitchen offers authentic Cajun favorites such as jambalaya, gumbo, calamari, shrimp and grits, Bourbon street sampler, and blackened mac and cheese. Sandwiches like Cheese Steak Po Boy and Ralph’s Sandwich of the Day are also available. They also have an extensive drink list which includes New Orleans specialty cocktails such as Hurricane, Louisiana Lemonade, Southern Peach Sweet Tea, and New Orleans Stone Sour.

A New Orleans dinner will not be complete without a live jazz music performance. New Orleans music has a distinctive and eclectic style. For jazz music lovers, the Flambeaux’s Jazz Club at the restaurant provides live music ever night for diners to enjoy.

The Chocolate Dome

A savory and hearty New Orleans meal must be followed by a delectable dessert. Ralph Brennan’s Chocolate Dome is surely a unique and irresistible treat. The unique dessert was created by the Ralph Brennan Jazz Kitchen’s chef Darrin Finkel. The Chocolate Dome consists of chocolate that is molded into a sphere with a Dulce de Leche ice cream filling. It is plated with mixed berries and beignets.

Beignets are a New Orleans classic – deep fried French donuts topped with powdered sugar. This luscious chocolate dessert will not be complete without a generous topping of molten caramel sauce. The caramel sauce melts right into the chocolate dome which results to a mixture and explosion of flavors and textures. You can mix the sauce, chocolate and ice cream with the fruits and beignets or eat all the components one at a time. Either way, both are delicious ways to enjoy this ultimate dessert.

Other Southern classic desserts are also available like the Bananas Foster, Double Chocolate Bread Pudding Soufflé, Beignets, New Orleans Bread Pudding and Peach Cobbler.

Get a taste of traditional Southern food and jazz in California at the Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, your ultimate destination for food and music. Drop by today!


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