In March, the celebrated Irish holiday St Patrick’s Day will be upon us all, and that holiday brings together a wide range of people throughout the world. But visitors to the Downtown Disney area will also be celebrating the holiday as well, and can find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and things to do while staying in the Downtown Disney and Disneyland park area during this festive Irish holiday.

Visitors to the Downtown Disney District will find a large variety of things to do in the area for St Patrick’s Day in 2013. Throughout the shopping district, there will be Irish background music and will be hosting several different events for shoppers, children, and visitors of all ages. There will be a scavenger hunt for children ages 3-12, and they can find clovers throughout the Downtown Disney are from 6-10pm.

The free music throughout the park will be piped in through the sound system, along with live performances from bands in the main stage area. Past bands like Shillelagh, and others have performed in the Downtown Disney area prior, and should prove to be a fun experience for all music lovers, and in particular Irish music fans.

Festive drinks will also be served at the various restaurants and bars in the Downtown Disney area. Special drinks like Irish Whiskey, green beers, green martinis, and green margaritas will be served to the adult guests of the Downtown Disney area.

Shoppers will also find colored beads and hats available at the different shops, can get their faces painted at the carts and restaurants, can see four-leaf clover construction being built at the various art Shoppe kiosks, and children can build their own Irish bear at the Four Leaf Clover Bear shop.

Outside of the Downtown Disney district, visitors and families will be able to find various dining and eating options throughout the Anaheim area. Guests of the Disney theme park and the other areas of the park will find the number of dining opportunities available to them endless and restaurants in the area will be offering dining and drink specials during the St Patrick’s day holiday. Whether its traditional Irish food, drink specials, folk music from the lands of Ireland, or anything else, the restaurants and shops surrounding the Downtown Disney area will keep guests very satisfied and happy during this joyous holiday in the Downtown Disney and Disney theme park area.

For most visitors of the Downtown Disney area, they won’t have to leave the Downtown Disney area to celebrate the songs and feel of an Irish festive land, and will find the Disney area a perfect area to celebrate this holiday. Music, drinks, dining, and friends bring together the best parts of the holiday for all, and the dressed up Downtown Disney area will give visitors a fan and safe spot to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day together. Have fun and be safe, and a luck of the Irish to all who visit Downtown Disney for St Patricks’ Day.