The exciting world and shopping world of Downtown Disney in Anaheim has gotten even more exciting in the past month. Shoppers have always been able to do a variety of big name shopping in the Downtown Disney area, and shoppers have found exciting bargains and styles in the Downtown Disney district.

But now, shoppers at Downtown Disney are now able to pick up an exciting new private label cosmetics in the shops of Downtown Disney. The eye shadows, lip colors, and nail colors have been launched at the Vault 28 store within Downtown Disney and are exclusive to the park. This line of cosmetics known as Beautifully Disney, are exclusive to Disney and is the first cosmetics venture for Disney and its line of companies.

In Downtown Disney, shoppers at Vault 28 will be able to purchase real makeup for the first time, and not the pretend makeup that has been sold throughout the Disney theme park area. The prices range from $9 to $28, and bring together a wild variety of fragrances and smells for women and young girls. The variety of colors and fragrances available in Downtown Disney feature an eye shadow kit, nail polish, and lip-gloss colors for Disney fans of all ages.

The colors featured in these cosmetics that are exclusive to Disney and the Downtown Disney district play off the fun of Disney. Colorful names like Poisoned Apple, Envy of the Ball, Dragon Diva, and Soul Survivor fill the color choices available in this Beautifully Disney line of cosmetics. The lines of Cinderella, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty have been brought together to encompass the line of Beautifully Disney for Disney.

Disney expects a summer collection and more down the line that will also be sold at Disney Vault 28, in the Downtown Disney district. Shoppers in the Downtown Disney should fine the line of cosmetics affordable and will be able to find a wide variety of other cosmetics made by Disney down the line. The designers behind the Beautifully Disney line of work has been involved with other parts of the Disney merchandising profile as well, with clothing lines and apparel sold at the Vault 28 and other Downtown Disney shops.

The Downtown Disney area and shopping area is filled with a large number of shops that visitors to the park have loved and continue to shop at 7 days a week. The number of shops and variety of products being introduced at the shops in the Downtown Disney District keep visitors coming to the shops and buying goods from the shops, which in turn keeps the shopkeepers happy as well.

If you are looking for a new cosmetics line and love Disney, then be sure to check out the Disney Vault 28 store in Downtown Disney. You will find a brand new cosmetics line, the Disney creative team behind it, and a great fragrance line that will keep you satisfied for a good long time.