With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, there’s no excuse for not taking photos to capture memorable moments. If you’re visiting Downtown Disney, make sure that you have enough batteries to capture your adventures in this lively promenade.

Whether you plan to eat, listen to music, or shop at Downtown Disney District, every stop is a great place to take pictures. However, do not forget to stop by the places mentioned below to make sure that you have captivating, colorful, and lively pictures that you’ll treasure forever. With that being said, here are the top 8 spots where you should take a selfie or a group picture.

1. Downtown Disney District Entrance 

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This is a mandatory shot to let the world know that you’ve visited this enchanting shopping district. Don’t forget to raise both hands to show how excited you are.

2. Lego Imagination Center Statues

Image Credit: Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

Once you get a closer look at the Lego statues, you’ll know why you should have a photo taken here. The areas get crowded later during the day so you might want to come here early to take good photos.

3. Anna and Elsa’s Boutique

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The Frozen fever won’t ever go away. For kids and young at heart, do not forget to wear your Elsa or Anna costume before taking some photos. You can also opt to complete your look with the store’s Frozen-inspired wardrobe package before you take some photos

4. World of Disney

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It is a 40,000-square-foot store with a whimsical design. The colorful and lively interior exterior of the two-story building will definitely look good in photos.

5. Rainforest Café

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If you love greens and trees, then go to this restaurant that features a lush, tropical atmosphere. The façade of the restaurant is even a good backdrop for a group shot. Whether inside or outside, there are fantastic photo opportunities for you and your loved ones.

6. Starbucks

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This isn’t just a place for coffee and relaxation. This new store is a first of its kind, with its outdoor patio designed around an old tree. Inside is a massive living wall that’s build with more than 1,000 plants shaped like a coffee cup. The scenery is very captivating especially during nighttime.

7. Catal Restaurant

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This belongs to the top three dining options in Anaheim’s Downtown District. The relaxed and elegant setting offers a very panoramic view that’s perfect for taking pictures, especially at night.

8. UVA Bar

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It is a circular bar that features a Paris-metro station-inspired architecture and the streamlined artistry of the 1920’s Jazz Age.


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